About me

Ryan Mitchell

I’m Ryan Mitchell, a UI developer specialising in JavaScript and HTML5. Alongside my technical skills I have extensive experience in GDD, track leading, source management (SVN/Git), client presentations and mentorship. I’ve developed web applications with responsive / adaptive designs, as well as mobile / tablet focused work.

Through my company, Daft Apeth Industries, I’ve worked with various London agencies for top automotive and banking clients. Previously I spent five years working for Sapient Nitro with clients including Vodafone, McLaren, Unilever and Coca Cola.

Visit my LinkedIn profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ryandavidmitchell/

Expert Level Skills

  • JavaScipt
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Accessibility best practices

Technologies / Libraries

All used in client projects, not just demonstrations.

  • React, TypeScript
  • MobX, Redux, Redux Sagas, Immutable.js
  • OpenFin
  • StoryBook
  • IndexedDB