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HTML Canvas – Forget any Flash basics you know

There is lots of noise at the moment around HTML 5, and Canvas is a big part of that. You may expect the Canvas element to be a straight replacement for Flash, but it’s lacking that level of abstraction present in Flash. The name canvas is literal, the element only acts as a painting area,… Read more »


WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) allows web pages (or portions of pages) to declare themselves as applications rather than as static documents, by adding role, property, and state information to dynamic web applications. ARIA is intended for use by developers of web applications, web browsers, assistive technologies, and accessibility evaluation tools… Read more »

Canvas element

Background. The Canvas element “is a new HTML element which can be used to draw graphics using scripting”. Simple shapes, curves, gradients, transformations and animations are possible with Canvas. Early days. I love the idea, but the implementation seems sketchy right now. It’s not in IE but also there is no support for writing text… Read more »

XUL and SongBird

Background. Songbird is an open source media player built out of XUL, the same markup used in Firefox. Songbird Feather. I’ve been working on a Songbird feather, these are built in XUL and JavaScript so it’s reasonably close to web development. In this skin the existing Songbird UI is hidden away and the Feather integrates… Read more »


Background. The MooTools JS library is great. Modular and well documented, useful functions mixed in with nice visual effects. We’ve used it on my most recent project, originally just for certain elements in certain pages, put now its providing simplifying scripts all over. Image Carousel Hero. While it’s not yet live the MooTools library is… Read more »

Flash Header

Background. When designing this site I had intended to have a the header as animated flash, with a flat image as a failover. I just never quite got around to it. Flash. Having now created the header in Flash, flapping wings and all (see the header of this page), I’m finding it a bit distracting,… Read more »

Flickr gallery

Background. The main problem I have with my own site is filling it with content. An idea I had was to take pictures on my camera phone and put them somewhere on the web and load them from that remote source. The original galley used Blogger and was far from perfect. Flickr. My new gallery… Read more »