IE bugs I didn’t know about yesterday

Internet explorer has many differences from the other browsers, and many bugs besides, today I ran into two more.

iframe with height:0 still leaves space in IE8

On the site I’ve been working on there is third party tracking, using an iframe. Since we need this to remain invisible, so as to not leave gaps, these have height=”0″.

Unfortunately this isn’t working as expected in IE8 and a space is seen in the page. The solution I’ve applied is to position absolute the iframe, display:none is too risky since we need the content of the iframe to load.

IE6 and IE7 comments add spacing

On the same site each third party script has comments around it explaining what it does, both IE6 and IE7 take exception to this and start adding spacing. There are no floated elements around them so it’s not quite like the Duplicate Characters Bug. The fix though is inspired by that same problem. I want to keep the comments so I’ve changed the comment tags to be conditional comments, .

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