In the world of Foreign Exchange there are a range of products that customers can choose to hedge their currency requirements against rate moves alongside a wider set that allow for out-performance of the market and speculation.

Some of these products are complex but the most used follow a set pattern:

  • On a set date
  • Deliver an amount X at a rate of Y

The values for X and Y may be set at the time the product is booked or may change based upon market conditions.

LooseFX looks at three areas related to these products.

  1. Can we provide a basic UI to model these simpler product types?
  2. Can we display the outcomes of these product types for a given scenario of rate moves?
  3. For outcomes, can we tie these back to the customer’s requirements to see gaps and issues around the rates they will be settled at?

View the demo at https://loosefx.daftapeth.co.uk

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