IE bugs I didn’t know about yesterday

Internet explorer has many differences from the other browsers, and many bugs besides, today I ran into two more. iframe with height:0 still leaves space in IE8 On the site I’ve been working on there is third party tracking, using an iframe. Since we need this to remain invisible, so as to not leave gaps,… Read more »

Canvas image animations

In this example I’m using Canvas to replace Flash as a means to display and animate a pseudo 3D phone. I create an image element for each frame of the animation and apply a handler for it’s load event. As each image loads it is added to the list of frames, and if it’s… Read more »

HTML Canvas – Forget any Flash basics you know

There is lots of noise at the moment around HTML 5, and Canvas is a big part of that. You may expect the Canvas element to be a straight replacement for Flash, but it’s lacking that level of abstraction present in Flash. The name canvas is literal, the element only acts as a painting area,… Read more »

Drag and Drop – ARIA and the keyboard

Quick link for your delectation on adding ARIA events to the native drag and drop in HTML5. Not very interesting in itself but the keyboard bit was a bit better. The recommendation in the HTML5 spec is the keyboard drag and drop works as copy and paste. Tab to the element, copy it, tabbing then… Read more »

Jakob Nielsen – "Let’s drop password masking"

Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox article says we should ditch password masking. “Usability suffers when users type in passwords and the only feedback they get is a row of bullets. Typically, masking passwords doesn’t even increase security, but it does cost you business due to login failures.” <a href=””>Stop Password Masking</a> For me,… Read more »

Web browser blogs

Nearly all the main players in the browser world have their own blogs and while they might range in their usefulness they can give you an interesting perspective on the vendors ideas of themselves. Internet Explorer blog Mozilla blog Chrome blog WebKit blog Opera blog The obvious missing link above is from Apple, is the… Read more »

When IE6 is dead…

Every web-developer on the planet, is waiting for the day we don’t have to do anything for IE6. Nevermind creating scaled back versions for it, I’m talking about the day we don’t even think about. Wouldn’t that be great. Heres a quick list of the kind of simple CSS selecters we’d finally get to use;… Read more »


WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) allows web pages (or portions of pages) to declare themselves as applications rather than as static documents, by adding role, property, and state information to dynamic web applications. ARIA is intended for use by developers of web applications, web browsers, assistive technologies, and accessibility evaluation tools… Read more »

Canvas element

Background. The Canvas element “is a new HTML element which can be used to draw graphics using scripting”. Simple shapes, curves, gradients, transformations and animations are possible with Canvas. Early days. I love the idea, but the implementation seems sketchy right now. It’s not in IE but also there is no support for writing text… Read more »

XUL and SongBird

Background. Songbird is an open source media player built out of XUL, the same markup used in Firefox. Songbird Feather. I’ve been working on a Songbird feather, these are built in XUL and JavaScript so it’s reasonably close to web development. In this skin the existing Songbird UI is hidden away and the Feather integrates… Read more »