LooseChange is your private way to analyse your finances. Export the transactions from your bank account and into the app to categorise and compare your outgoings.

Your information is stored encrypted on your device, giving you full control over its storage and deletion.

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In corporate Foreign Exchange customers can choose to hedge their currency requirements against rate moves or aim for out-performance of the market.

LooseFX aims to give customers a better view of their FX position through scenario analysis and invoice planning.

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Part of Y Combinator's Startup School 2018, Unfold's mission is to inspire people to do great things through storytelling.

Our micro-biography approach provides a platform to pass on the legacy of our society through the stories of the men and women that made it.

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Agency work

Avis Budget Group


Implemented a redesign of the Avis and Budget car rental sites. Both sites are heavily adaptive. The booking journey was a significant challenge as it was, effectively, a single page web-application shared for each brand. Each stage was created as a component and they all shared an API for communication with the central controller. Avis.co.uk is live and, at the time of writing, Budget is being integrated by an offshore development team.

McLaren Automotive


The McLaren Automotive website contains a number of complex interactive modules in a responsive framework, all CMS driven.

Highlights include a Customiser with introductory video, a gallery layer populated through JSON, interior explorer utilising WebGL via three.js
and a number of slideshows controlled by user interaction such as scrolling or on screen controls.

Geekweek Mobile Quiz – YouTube


Responsive design HTML5 game. Utilised JavaScript with canvas and HTML5 audio to deliver a set of questions in a set time for a range of mobile devices including Blackberry, Android 2.3+, Windows Phone and iOS.

Little Tasters – McDonalds


Short term assignment to implement a content page with a custom style inside of a CMS system. Also integrates with the existing nutritional calculator.



Front-end build with CMS integration. Whilst primarily a simple site it had to support heavy localisation of content and style.

Unreleased Recipe Site

2011 / 2012

This recipe website has an ‘app inspired’ design with transitions between pages and with supporting and additional content surfaced through panels.

It included a full screen mode to take you through the steps of a recipe and utilised local storage to aid performance.

Future Flames – Coca Cola


The aim of the site is to recognise those people who make a difference here in the UK and to give them the chance to carry the Olympic Torch in their area. Totally AJAX driven, integrated with the CokeZone environment. Not perfect but it’s always great to work for a big brand like Coca Cola.

Personal Financial Manager for a Price Comparison site


My first opportunity to use HTML5, this unreleased RIA involved a large amount of CSS3 and Canvas/SVG using Raphaël. I used event-driven programming to allow the complex visualisations and wider UI to react to state changes. All data was passed as JSON.

Vodafone UK CMS and Styleguide implementation


Finally a chance to start afresh on the Vodafone site, my swan song on the account was to lead the creation of the front-end code for this new style. On top of the HTML and CSS there are custom jQuery plugins (using OO patterns where appropriate) and lazy loading where possible.

Vodafone UK Style Refresh


For this project I was coordinating and troubleshooting the integration of the new Vodafone online branding onto 17 of their domains. My aim was to apply the styles with as few changes to the HTML of existing sites as possible, doing lots of work through the CSS to make up for the inconsistency in the markup.



What a reaction! Am I mad to put it on here? Yeah probably, the HTML got mashed by the CMS and they changed the colours soon after launch. But without putting it on we’d be missing 6 weeks of my life…

Media player for large supermarket chain

2008 into 2009

This unreleased project was using web technologies to build a desktop media player, integrated with their online store. Built using XUL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Vodafone UK eCare (My account area)


Vodafone UK shop